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To get the power of Suction, you must complete this quest given by the Immolators Guild.


Needed for


Given by

Immolators Guild 1 or 2 (in succession)

Costs and prerequisites

You pay the coins at the guild, when starting the quest.

Suction 1: The cost is 7,500 coins.

Suction 2: The cost is 15,000 coins.

Quest task

Gather blood from any 20 vampires that have a higher BP level than you. You do this by "drinking" from them.

Each "donor" will lose 6 BP (for Level 1) and 7 BP (for Level 2) and see a special message. You will not gain any BP from these bites.

Time limit

You have 3 days to find each vampire. The timer will reset at each tapping.

Tips and recommendations

More vampires are suitable donors if your own BP is low when you do this quest. Getting Suction early therefor makes it easier. Alternatively, get Suction immediately after doing a blood-draining Stamina Quest. Unless your BP is very high, this is one of the easier among quests. Although you theoretically have got up to 60 days to complete, it can be finished within 2—3 days.

While you must have enough (at least 1) AP in order to drink from your victim, the actual tapping does not cost any AP.

As with all other quest-based powers, you may only attempt one at a time. Your current quest status (if any) is always available to you at your My Vampire page.

Sample quest texts

When you pay the guild, you see:

"To gain a level of SUCTION, you need to fill this bag (the guildmaster hands you something that looks like a wineskin) with the blood of powerful vampires. You must bag blood from at least one powerful vampire every three days, until the bag is full, or it will lose its power. (To bag a vampire's blood, simply drink from a vampire whose blood count is higher than yours.)"

When you bite, you see:

"You drain much more blood than you usually could from (vamp name), siphoning it into the bag as you go. Again, you have 3 days to find the next victim."

When you bite, they see:

"(vamp name) sucked blood from you. You were temporarily paralysed, unable to do anything but watch as the blood was drained - more blood than you would usually expect. As if to add insult to injury, (vamp name) isn't even drinking, instead spitting huge mouthfuls of your blood into some kind of wineskin."

When you have finally bitten the 20th pire, you see:

"You drain much more blood than you usually could from (vamp name), siphoning it into the bag as you go. The bag is finally full. You upend it into your mouth. The blood burns as it goes down, but in an almost pleasant, if slightly unnerving, way. As the last drop passes your lips, you feel a new strength in your lungs and in your fangs."
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