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Surprise is a power that allows a vampire to simply slip through crowds, unnoticed and unstopped. Sometimes it is achieved by looking cute and appear harmless, rather than as the bloodthirsty monster he or she really is. At other times a vampire with Surprise simply takes an unorthodox route, climbing across walls and roofs to get into an area.


Where to get

Empaths Guild 1, 2 or 3 (any)


20,000 coins


A vampire with Surprise can enter a square that would otherwise be overcrowded.


There may be a level of overcrowding that makes a square impassable even to vampires with Surprise, but in that case the number of vampires is substantially higher.


Surprise was introduced 15 February 2003. Before Surprise, there was a game bug that could be exploited to similar effect. This was known as "wall-climbing" or "jumping walls".


Since Surprise eliminates the need to use Scroll of Turning, it may save you money in the long run if you frequently are hindered by overcrowded squares.

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