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Telepathy is a power that enables the user to send messages to other vampires, no matter where they are in the city.


Where to get

Travellers Guild 1, 2 and 3 respectively (in order)



With Telepathy, you'll be able to send telepathic messages to other vampires, no matter where they are. Only the sender needs to have the power, but the AP cost depends on what relationship you have with the recipient:

Level To partner/childe/sire To others
Telepathy 1 5 AP 10 AP
Telepathy 2 3 AP 6 AP
Telepathy 3 1 AP 2 AP


A vampire with Telepathy 3 also gets the ability to shout. Shouting is like speaking but covers all adjacent squares, not just the one you are in. Like speaking, it is done via More Commands.

When learning it

When you learn the power at the Travellers Guild, you see (for Telepathy 2):

Intensive training, lasting several hours, leaves you feeling very tired. Your mind, on the other hand, is feeling especially alert. You have gained a level of TELEPATHY.

Tips and recommendations

Buying the power costs you 10 AP, which is used for meditation as you learn the skill. You can buy the power while at 1—9 AP, you'll just go into the negatives. However, this causes you to be stuck in the guild until you get the positive AP to walk out, crowding it for hours. You risk getting evicted via a Scroll of Turning by other vampires eagar to learn.

Due to the meditation phenomenon mentioned, Travellers Guilds are more often overcrowded than other guilds. It can be a good idea to either have the power of Surprise or bring a Scroll of Turning if you plan going there.


Telepathy was introduced on 16 February, 2004. The ability to shout was added on 20 October, 2007.

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