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Scientist.jpgTemplate tester
This user fiddles with templates.

EXPERIMENT USERBOX - not for actual use

Created by deCarnacT·C as a safe way of testing how bold changes on a copy of an existing template will propagate, without touching the original code.

Current test subject: an instance of {{ExperimentTemplate}} (that holds a modified copy of the true test subject)

{ExperimentTemplate|bordercolor=green|borderwidth=2px|mainbackground=beige|background=black|headerbackground=#333333|image=Scientist.jpg|link={{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}|headertext='''Template tester'''|maincolor=black|maintext={{{1|This user}}} fiddles with '''templates'''.|headercolor=white|headerfontsize=100%|mainfontsize=90%}}

This template's image links to the userbox template.


Scientist.jpgTemplate tester
deCarnac fiddles with templates.
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