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May 31, 2017 - Things are happening...

March ?-23, 2016 - AVitD downtime (well, hello again)

  • Please excuse the downtime. The server had some software updates done, which let to incompatibility issues. Couldn't get it it fixed sooner and was a helluva bugtracking session. Should be stable again. Have a nice Easter! --Cliff Burton Marco 15:34, 23 March 2016 (CET)

December 9-15, 2014 - AVitD downtime

  • Please excuse the downtime. The server had some software updates done, which let to incompatibility issues. Couldn't get it it fixed sooner. Also it seems, this let to problems with the wiki as well. Should be stable now. Have a nice holiday! --Cliff Burton Marco 10:56, 15 December 2014 (CET)

February 08, 2013 - added Drop Box support link

January 23, 2013 - AVitD Time Bug Fix!

  • I fixed an annoying bug in the avitd purging routine for the guilds table. --Cliff Burton Marco 06:51, 23 January 2013 (CET)

December 02, 2012 - Database error!

  • Somehow a database table went corrupt. Sorry for the delay, I lost someone important. --Cliff Burton Marco 09:08, 2 December 2012 (CET)

June 04, 2012 - Fake Squares everywhere!

  • I am still overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the {{FakeSquare}} Template, deCarnacT·C created. So I suggest you take a look at the also awesome description, instantly figure out how to use it (because it is so awesome) and think about where to use it next. Because there is no doubt that you will find the urge to use it (because, of course, of it's awesomeness and that of it's creator deCarnac). Oh, I almost forgot .. those who are afraid to use it (which there is no reason.. awesome.. remember?) can flag pages with {{NeedsFakeSquare}} and sections with {{NeedsFakeSquareSmall}}.

May 06, 2012 - Character page listing!

  • If you have your own character page on your watch list (which will be so in the most cases, I assume, you might have gotten an E-Mail that your page has been changed by me. What happened is, that I replaced the string that categorizes your page into the category Characters with a template that does the same, but does also something more. For further explanation read Category_talk:Characters#Sorting_characters. The credits go to deCarnacT·C

May 03, 2012 - Database Error!

  • I am sorry, I could not respond as fast as I would have liked to. Drastic RL changes. What happened? One of the Wiki Extentions had a bug. The table generated by the extension was full, because the developer hasn't foreseen that bigger wikis generate a lot of data, therefore he limited the space he thought was necessary. Like Bill Gates once said: "No one will ever need a PC with more than 640kB of RAM". Unfortunately this developer also hasn't maintained his committed code anymore. I am happy to say, that I am pretty sure I could fix that bug.

March 17, 2012 - Lot's of pictures!

  • Some may have noticed the work the rather new RavenBlack Citypedia user DeCarnac has put in it. For those who didn't, just take a look at [[Category:powers]] for example. Fangs, pal.

October 18, 2011 - AVITD

  • For those who noticed that aviewinthedark.net was having problems, there where incompatibilities with parts that were automatically updated in my absence (and night). Which is fixed now. Sorry, for the pain.

September 12, 2011

  • I started a new wiki about Cliff Burton, the deceased former Metallica bass player. See: http://cliffburton.net

June 27, 2011 - Update

  • I have re-written the Example Character Page. If you are creating character pages and you want to know the quickest, easiest, cleanest and most magical way to do it, you should not read it.. Seriously, DO NOT READ IT.

June 27, 2011

  • Another layout face lift.. This time a bit more drastic, but I put some thoughts into it what would be most interesting, so I rearranged things very very slightly. If you even are able to spot those very few and descent changes and you don't like it, don't blame me. Me just executed what brain commanded.

June 26, 2011

  • UPDATE: Methinks it might not be the worst idea to make it common to set a REDIRECT from the simple spelling of a character page name to a marked character page (i.e. with the cross in front), as it is hard to make use of the search box on the left, if you have to type in the † in front. So basically my advise is to create a page (e.g.) Cliff Burton and put in the redirect code:
    #REDIRECT [[†Cliff Burton]]
    . In this example, if you are now typing into the search box on the left the letters of Cl, you will get the suggestions that include also Cliff Burton, which will lead to †Cliff Burton. Try it out with your character name(s).

May 08, 2011

May 05, 2011

  • AVITD 1.15 is running. Some folks out there reported still problems with the parser (The barkeeper says). I fixed the Pawn Shop Glitch, finally. Also, posting of Allurists Guild got a bug squashed. Again, if you still have trouble with the parser, add a line to the avitd bug reporting list. April/May Updates.

May 01, 2011

  • I am asking you to use the newly created {{CharacterStub}} and for marking character stubs as such, instead of using the more general {{Stub}}. This way normal page stubs are better identifiable and it gives a better view on what still needs to be filled. Character Stub will not be shown on a page that is marked by it, so it doesn't deface it. It still will be listed in it's own [[Category:Character Stubs]]. Help is necessary to put all the character pages that are marked for being listed in [[Category:Character Stubs]]. This all applies for [[Category:Pub Stubs]] and it's linked usage of {{PubStub}}.

April 20, 2011

  • To add a bit more coherence I changed the main lists to categories. There is still some work to do, maybe someone could step in to finsh what I put into a direction. Take a look into the subcategories of [[Category:Items]] to get nore details. This is part of putting together the main pages into the [[Category:Game Basics]] which will become translated for the German RBCpedia Project.

April 09, 2011

  • Just read the update here, about the latest chages on AVITD. Some folks out there reported problems with using AVITD. I found and fixed some regarding the parsing of shops (known as The barkeeper says). If you still have trouble with the parser, add a line to the avitd bug reporting list. April Updates.

March 01, 2011

February 25, 2011

  • I found an interview Cliff gave around May 2010.[1]

February 22, 2011

  • The site seemed to have slowed down, over the time it has grown. I changed the server caching, so you should notice an increase in the performance when loading the site.

February 20, 2011

  • You might have noticed (at least unless you use IE) that I dimmed the lights.. I hear you guys.. This isn't just the place for me to make it the place that I like to look at. See, or better discuss: Main Page Discussion.
  • Maybe I can get you to join my thought in my thoughts after the storm.

February 15, 2011

  • After the last days complains I took my time to think thoroughly how to react. The result is the Site Usage Agreement!. I don't care if you read it, but I will refer to it if it seems to be applicable.

February 10, 2011

  • Cliffcrafted Userboxes are available again. For sale, only while stock lasts.
  • I challenge thee in the Hilarious Userbox Contest. Let's see what you've got.
  • I just stumbled upon the list of Unused Files, which waste about 20Mb of Webspace. I hope not to find out that you use the wiki as cheap webspace. Please look over it and erase those files you really do not need for an article in the wiki, because I will erase them all, some day. Maybe this year. Or decade. :)

February 09, 2011

  • You might wanna start using a good browser and not Internet Explorer. Just a hint :o).

February 03, 2011

February 02, 2011

January 30, 2011

  • I added a few pictures that should really help in the somewhat difficult to understand process to make a custom tailored signature for you to work.

January 29, 2011

  • I tried to make it easier to add your own Alley Gossip for the wikis Main Page.

January 25, 2011

  • If you like you can make your pub or building encryptions look like a {{MarblePlate}}. Please read.

January 24, 2011

January 22, 2011

  • Fangs for making me win an award. Cool beans.

January 21, 2011

  • I am encouraging you to add your Alley Gossip (top right box on the wiki main page).
  • Also, please consider participating in the Wiki Suggestions Page.

--Cliff Burton Marco

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