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This Template is meant for users which want to mark their user owned pages to show to potential editors that they doesn't wish their pages to be changed by anyone else but themselves.

Use it instead of marking your page(s) with the {{WorkInProgress}} template, which is meant for temporarily use only.

If you see the occurance of the latter templates or something with a similar function (a note by the owner, a.k.a. OOC message) in a page and you think it could profit from replacement with this template, please consider informing the owner of the page or an admin before replacing it. Marking such a page with this template is not considered as an harmful act (vandalism). Though it should be made the afford to inform page owners and giving them time to react.

  • This Template does NOT PROTECT your page from changes.
  • Also use it only in your own pages (clan/group/family pages, owned pubs/buildings or character pages).
  • Please don't use it on Userspace pages, as they are identified by their Namespace (User:).
  • Changes to marked pages are considered vandalism.
  • The usage of this template categorizes pages into [[Category:Owner Maintained Pages]]


Just add
on the very top of your to be marked page.

Which shows as: This page is marked as to be maintained by it's respective owner only!

You might as well use it this way:

{{OwnerMaintenanceOnly|[[User:Example User|Example User]]}}

Which shows as: This page is marked as to be maintained by Example User only!

When using it this way, do not link to your IC Character Page, only use it to link to your User Page or User Talk Page.

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