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In this example, the poem tag has additional styling, and the whole thing is put in the FloatRight template:

†CT Serafini
└─ †Ace
└─ †Lannair Cuan
├─ †Lass
├─ †Tarin
├─ †AnnaMolly
├─ †Kurayami Itami
├─ †Hunin
├─ Penny ─♥─ †Lannair Cuan
│ ├─ †Deathsadvent
│ ├─ †Solanea
│ ├─ †Caden Cuan
│ ├─ †Jessy Wilde
│ ├─ †Scotlyn Cuan
│ ├─ †Genevive
│ ├─ †Laila-Judith
│ ├─ †Hepheistian
│ ├─ †Aleksej
│ ├─ †David Beckham
│ └─ (1 more childe)
├─ †Damacus
├─ †Elysia
├─ †Benji_Kaipo
└─ †blackthorn2012

{{FloatRight| <poem style="padding:6px 24px 6px 12px; background:#100000;">
{{TreeLine|M}} [[†CT Serafini]]
{{TreeLine|   L-}} [[†Ace]]
{{TreeLine|      L-}} [[†Lannair Cuan]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†Lass]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†Tarin]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†AnnaMolly]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†Kurayami Itami]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†Hunin]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} '''Penny''' {{TreeLine|-P-}} [[†Lannair Cuan]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Deathsadvent]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Solanea]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Caden Cuan]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Jessy Wilde]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Scotlyn Cuan]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Genevive]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Laila-Judith]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Hepheistian]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†Aleksej]]
{{TreeLine|         I  T-}} [[†David Beckham]]
{{TreeLine|         I  L-}} ''(1 more childe)''
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†Damacus]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†Elysia]]
{{TreeLine|         T-}} [[†Benji_Kaipo]]
{{TreeLine|         L-}} [[†blackthorn2012]]
</poem> }}

The code for the example above was auto-generated from real in-game data using the parser: http://decarnac.atspace.eu/wikitools/familytree.html.

Note how spaces align the I's (vertical lines) and L's with the I's and T's above. The tree is based only on the info shown when second-sighting Penny.

Expanding manually

Theoretically the tree could be expanded by second-sighting Penny's relatives, generating the code for their trees and then cut-and-paste everything together manually. That would require some L's being replaced by T's, and lots of extra I's and aligning spaces.


Awesome! --Cliff Burton Marco 19:32, 29 July 2012 (CEST)

I used Firefox when making this template, but recently looked at it with Chrome. The lines no longer joined properly. It had to do with a CSS issue [1] but I think I fixed it now by changing from "monospace" to "Courier New". --deCarnacT·C 21:55, 2 September 2012 (CEST)

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