The Axeman and Guillotine

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The Axeman and GuillotineThis page is marked as to be maintained by Miranda Dawn only!


Oppression and 70th


Formerly known in the city as The Stick in the Mud.

New Proprietors: †Miranda Dawn & †Fronk as of January 4, 2010

The pub was purchased by Miranda Dawn to celebrate the binding of Fronk as her childe. The sire/childe binding took place on January 10th 2010. Directly after the binding ceremony family and friends gathered at this watering hole. It was here Miranda surprised Fronk and handed him his set of keys and his copy of the title deed for the establishment. The two are co-owners in the business.

Current Proprietor: †Miranda Dawn as of April 5, 2010

Due to the family severance ties between Miranda Dawn and her childe Fronk on April 4th, 2010, Miranda called a locksmith to change the locks and also phoned her lawyer to update the property deed. Both tasks were completed within hours for her sole proprietorship.


Exterior Street View

You will usually find a †Mixologist on the premises working hard, though sometimes the †Landlord from the neighboring Ale House stops by to help.

Pub Motto
Interior View
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