The Cloister of Secrets

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The Cloister of Secrets
Devil Miyu
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The Cloister of Secrets is a stationary shop, the first to appear in the city. It sells rarities and non-specialty gifts.



Gloom and 1st


Once part of a monastery, now an underground den of irreverent rituals, practise of alchemy and the dark arts, The Cloister of Secrets is a great place to find rare artifacts as well as commonly used items such as those found in roaming shops.

A sign posted on the back wall reads:

"You may visit the relatively quiet mobster-esque underground rooms
if you can find the secret door.
But only Devil Miyu holds the key."


The items and prices offered (confirmed November 2015):

Item price Charisma(1) Charisma(2) Charisma(3)
Perfect Dandelion 55coins
Perfect Red Rose 550coins
Perfect Black Orchid 1250coins
Safety Deposit Box Key 11000coins
Necklace with Locket 55000coins
Flask of Heinous Deceptions 77000coins
Amulet of Insidious Illusions 88000coins
Golden Ring 99000coins
Diamond Ring 110000coins
Titanium-Platinum Ring 110000coins

Safety Deposit Box Key

A key to a magical Safety Deposit Box in which items can be stored and withdrawn from at any Bank. Flowers do not wilt while stored in the box. Price: 11,000 coins

Necklace with Locket

A gold chain necklace with a heart-shaped locket. Price: 55,000 coins

Golden Ring

A 6mm wide 24k gold ring with multiple millgrain grooves and frosted finish centre. Price: 99,000 coins

Titanium-Platinum Ring

Platinum is the hardest and the most valuable of the precious metals. Its intense lustre remains intact over the years. This unique ring measures 7mm in width and has combined Platinum inlays with aircraft grade Titanium and Tungsten Carbide. Price: 110,000 coins

Flask of Heinous Deceptions

A replica of an ancient artifact. This replica is made out of stainless steel with high-polish finish. Like the original, it has kanji-like sigils carved all over it. It is rumoured that the original contained an elixir of sorts. The replica is empty. Price: 77,000 coins

Amulet of Insidious Illusions

A replica of a very ornate heirloom made out of mysterious metals and gems, forged and crafted by those who dwell within the Cloister of Secrets. And it is just a replica. Price: 88,000 coins


The Cloister of Secrets first opened 27 February 2008 (†Devil Miyu's birthday), based on an idea by her. It opened simultaneously as The Sanguinarium and The Sepulchre of Shadows.[1]

An inital bug caused the building to move like the other shops. A week later – 5 March – this had been fixed, and the Flask of Heinous Deceptions and Titanium-Platinum Ring added.[2]


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