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The Thieves Guild is one of the secret guilds in RavenBlack City. As their name suggests, they focus on stealth and robbery. Whether through subtle pick-pocketing or armed stick-ups, other vampires coins are rarely safe near members of their ranks. When they smell pending retribution, they disappear into invisibility faster than any other vampires.

The Thieves Guild are a clandestine society, and have three tier chapters hidden at ever-changing locations. Each tier building offer visiting vampires training in the powers of Thievery and Shadows.


Powers offered Cost
Thieves Guild 1 Thievery 1 2,000 coins
Shadows 1 1,000 coins
Thieves Guild 2 Thievery 2 5,000 coins
Shadows 2 2,000 coins
Thieves Guild 3 Thievery 3 10,000 coins
Shadows 3 4,000 coins


The Thieves Guild was introduced 19 January 2003, as the first guild to appear in the city.



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