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Clan Information

Status: Inactive
Alignment: Good


Excerpt of the Clan Unity constitution:

During the writing of this constitution the following ground rules have been taken into account.
1. All members are equal, deserve equal treatment and have equal rights.
2. Governing must be fast and decisive, but fair and balanced.

The amendments:

Part A: Vampire rights

1.1: All vampires are equal.
1.2: All Vampires allied with the Unity (from here on Vampire(s)) fall under this constitution.
1.3: Vampires not allied with the Unity can not appeal to this constitution, yet will be treated according to the values it is built upon.

2.1: Every vampire will act in the best interest of the Unity, not disregarding his own interests.
2.2: The Unity will try to act in the best interest of all its members.



  • This clan was recruiting in 2004, and never attained over 3 members. It disbanded within a month.
  • Unknown date - Clan Unity reforms.
  • October 2009 - House of Dumont, Tal'mahe'Ra, Unity, and Invictus (aka "The Patchwork Alliance") declared war on L'inconnu. The temporary alliance emerged victorious in less than a week. L'inconnu didn't put up much fight (except to admit to hiring the Splinters of Dusk), claiming they didn't care and wanted no part in the war.
  • †Koz steps in as acting Clan Leader
  • Koz steps down as acting Clan Leader
  • The clan becomes inactive in November 2010
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