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is a member of Project Welcome.
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The Poem Project.
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In death, a member may have a name. This member's name is Archangel.
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Archibaldo is a certified expert Userbox craftsman.
This user is an Alaskan.
This vampire runs a vampire in Cap Clan
This user is GOTH.
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This user throws polyhedra dice.
Questo utente è
NAPOLIDAN 100% puro.
Arch drinks wine.
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This user drinks vodka.
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This user drinks Southern Comfort.
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Candy Raver.

This user reads Edgar Allan Poe.
This user likes to hunt.
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In his house at R'lyeh, this undead user waits dreaming.
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glows in the
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donated beer money to Marco.
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My Email

Navigating my space

See †Archangel for information about the character.

  1. User:Archangel/Welcome (My welcome message)
  2. User:Archangel/Notepad (My personal scratchpad)
  3. User:Archangel/Sig (my sig template)
  4. User_talk:Archangel/Archive (my talk Archives)
  5. User:Archangel/Sandbox My Sandbox
  6. User:Archangel/Rant (Warning: Contains Free Thought)
  7. Main_Page

What I do on this wiki

Mostly I just go through random pages and correct typos, etc. Sometimes I hit the Todos list and start doing the grueling repetitive stuff that nobody wants to do but needs to be done. I find it therapeutic for when I'm bored but don't want to do much thinking.

I do a lot of work for The Big Cheese. I also spend a lot of time filling in gaps in the history. I feel that's my responsibility as one of the oldest players of the game. I only wish I had more help because memory fades after 8 years and it would be nice to have someone like me doing that, so we could correct each other.


  • I've made it my mission to make all of the powers linked (On the various user pages) to make them all uniform.

So far all of the Capital letters are done. I can use all the help I can get, but I warn you it's tedius work. Done!

  • I am going over the wiki pages (yes all of them) and looking for templates that need to be made. If there is a template that you think is needed, let me know. Done!
  • There are several pages that are very close something resembling perfection. I and others are improving them so they can get a hunk of cheese.
  • I am also doing The Poem Project, which is replacing the cumbersome <br> tags with <poem></poem> tags.

--Archangel Talk * Welcome * Support

What *YOU* can do on this Wiki

  1. If you are reading this, take my advice.
  2. Be Bold!
  3. JUMP IN!
  4. Don't be nervous, do some editing!
  5. Grow the wiki!
  6. Use the Example Pages.
  7. Check out stuff that needs to be done.

Other Important Pages

  1. Help:FAQ <-------------------------------READ THIS
  2. RavenBlack_CityWiki:Specific_Case_Editing_Guidelines
  3. Category:Nationality_Templates
  4. RavenBlack_CityWiki:Style_Guide
  5. †mightyintimidatingvampirename
  6. Category:Vampboxes
  7. Talk:Graveyard
  8. Category:Humour
  9. RavenBlack_CityWiki:Resolving_Disputes
  10. Help:Templated_Signatures
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