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Music.pngMusic Lover
Jen loves to listen to music.
Books.jpgAvid Reader
Jennifer loves to read.
Jennifer likes to garden.
Jen loves to watch movies.
Videogame.pngVideo Games
Jen likes to play video games.
Homemadeputer.pngHome Made Computer
This user has built a computer.
Drinks Please!!
Jennifer drinks wine.
Southerncomfort.jpgSouthern Comfort
Jen drinks Southern Comfort.
Jen is Illini.
Go Cubbies & Bears!!
Jennifer likes sports.
Jen likes watching arenacross.
Dderby.pngDemolition Derby
Jennifer likes watching demolition derby.
Jen likes to fish.
Jen likes reptiles.
Jennifer owns a dog.



Welcome to my wiki page. My name is Jennifer, or Jen if you would prefer. I am the player behind the vampire character †Cricket. When she's not leaving me behind for the city; I keep pretty busy with my career, daily routines, family and hobbies. The days can get consumed with tedious tasks don't be alarmed if †Cricket or I take a day or so to respond in email, papers or keeps.

I'm a pretty easy going individual, a hard worker and enjoy many different things. Skim through the userboxes to your right as these are just a few of the various items that interest me. Need to know more; just ask.

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RavenBlack City

Profile: †Cricket
Dwelling: House of Heorot
City Square: The Halls of Heorot

Related information:
Alliance Hall: Kingdom of Heorot

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The Poem Project.

Jennifer knows. Like a good neighbor; cliffburton is there!

Applied: System Operator Position
Date: 7/23/2010
Accepted: 8/17/2010
Statement: I vouch that I would make a good helping hand for the wiki. With little coding background, eager to learn new things and most of all no personal opinion towards everyone within the game. I'm open minded and tend to not take things personal. I admit I cannot dedicate every waking breath here, but when I do I'm careful not to disrespect any pages. We love the game, we live it, we hold it dear to our mortal hearts after all. So why not share and shape the knowledge that keeps it going. ~Jennifer

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