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See †deaths embrace.

The User

I am a 44 year old with a B.A. in Anthropology and an A.A. in Criminal Justice. My main focus is Myth, Magick, and Folklore. I entered this game 05/2005 to ensure my ~then~ 14 y/o son was safe from on-line predators. I enjoy the writing that happens within the world of RavenBlack.

User Preferences

DE is a Bureaucrat on this wiki.

This is a drama free zone.

If you are going to approach me about things that are happening on the wiki please have the following information-

1) The link to the page in question

2) The source you are using to get your information -whether it is accessible or not-

3) Why you can not handle the dispute on your own.

I am not interested in who's brother's, sister's, cousin, you are. (yeah.. I blame Conan for the reference.)

I really do not care about your opinions of people, places, and goings on that have happened outside of this wiki, or how long your history with the other person has been going on.

I do believe that all information is free and that you should do your research before setting your fingers on the keys of this forum.

If my opinion is asked for, I will give it, even if you do not like the response. If you ask me, be sure you truly want the answer. I will not sugar coat nor will I play up to any ego you may have either in game or out of game.

Dispelling Rumors

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glows in the

I submit guild and shop information to A View In The Dark under the pseudonym Cautes Angulus, a name given to me and my Sister by †cliffburton. Though the vampire is Cautes Angelus, owned by †Raven Nyx Rayn, the "u" differentiates my Sister's info from mine.

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