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Vampboxes Created

Dude has childer.
Shoes.jpgShoe Thief
This Vampire likes to steal shoes.
Spellbook.jpgSpell Caster
Dude casts spells.
Dude is a member of the working class.
DH.pngDirty, Dirty
Dude doesnt mind getting their hands dirty.
Dude is crazy.
A ring a ding a ding ding ding.
Eye.pngMoody Eyes
Dude's eyes change color from Color 1 to Color 2.
Eye.pngMoody Eyes
Dude's eyes change color from Color 1 to Color 2 or Color 3.
Dude is a User Of magic user.
Dude is addicted to music.
Dude advocates using your words, not weapons.
CW.pngNope, Nope
Dude runs from hunters.
Stealth.jpgStealth Mode
Dude enjoys lurking.
Nwlogo.pngThe NightWatch
Dude is an Ambassador with the NightWatch
Eye.pngMoody Eyes
Dude's eyes change color from Color 1 to Color 2, Color 3 or Color 4.
Dude is a member of the Halls of Astarte.
Old.jpgOld Geezer
Dude looks incredible for their true age.
Demon.jpgDemon Keeper
Dude harbors a demons entity.
CP.pngChaotic Acceptance
Dude accepts the flow of chaos.
FF.pngGift of Unlife
Dude has turned a human.
Fangs.jpgOriginal Childe
Dude is still sired under the vampire that turned them.
Fangs.jpgOriginal Sire
Dude still has childer that they themselves turned.
EW.pngEpic Woman
Dudette is a badass.
Dude has successfully used a stake on another vampire.
Dude likes to use glitter bombs.
Tavern.pngTavern Visitor
Dude frequents the taverns.
Nc.pngAlias User
Dude used to go by a different name.
Dude has been zeroed 333 time(s).
Nmcr.pngBought Blood
Dude has used the services of a necromancer.
Bt.pngBattle Tested
Dude has experienced a live fight.
Dude has been retired.
Dude has successfully completed the D'dary Diet.
Dude knows how to rock some shades.
BS.pngBlood Stains
Dude knows about blood stains.
Dude is permanently missing an appendage.
Blind.pngUtterly Blind
Dude is completely blind.
Deaf.pngTotally Deaf
Dude is completely deaf.
Blind.pngPartially Blind
Dude is partially blind.
Deaf.pngPartially Deaf
Dude is partially deaf.
Vio.pngSerial Killer
Dude has killed multiple victims.
SA.pngSocial Anxiety
Dude suffers from a form of social anxiety.
Dude is able to sense emotions in others easily.
Shift.pngAnimal Shifter
Dude can shift into an animal form.
Dude upholds their religious beliefs.
EB.pngBeastly Eyes
Dude's eyes look like a beastly animal's.
FD.pngWant Fries With That?
Dude eats normal food, as well as feeds on blood.
Dude can hide physical attributes.
Dude has a very alluring singing voice.
Dude knows more than one language fluently.
NI.pngEpic Male
Dude is a badass.
Dude has no place to call home.
Dude has an arrest record.
Golf.jpgEagle, Birdie, Hole in One
Dude is a golfer.
Journal.pngJournal Keeper
Dude keeps a journal.
Ssong.pngShower Serenade
Dude sings in the shower.


Name: Cam
Age: Twenty Nine
Birthday: March 28th, 1988

RP Info

Started Rp'ing: Two Thousand Six
Active Characters: Sitrence, Berith, Sars
Retired Characters: Jinku, Eric Matthews, Kentert, Thorel
Oldest: Sitrence
Newest: Sars

Contact: Y!M: colormecold

Other Games Played: Path of the Vampire (Shan, Olive, Saige, Nelle) (All PotV rp's for my characters are halted completely for now. Thank you for your understanding!)

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