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Welcome to RCpedia! My name is Archangel, I'm an admin here, and also sort of the welcome wagon! This is your user page. You may put anything on it that you like. Here are some links to get you started! :)

Wiki Information

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(NOTE: This welcome message is being posted to ALL RCPedia members. If you have been on this wiki for quite a while already, you probably already know most of this)

Always feel free to steal text or examples from my user page if you like, to find it, just click on my signature! If you have any questions, just ask: User_talk:Archangel

Other Important Stuff
  1. Help:FAQ <------READ THIS!
  2. RavenBlack_CityWiki:Specific_Case_Editing_Guidelines
  3. RavenBlack_CityWiki:Style_Guide
  4. Check out this example vampire page: †mightyintimidatingvampirename
  5. these vampboxes might look nice on your vampire page: Category:Vampboxes
  6. Category:Humour
  7. RavenBlack_CityWiki:Resolving_Disputes

Finally, please use your signature behind your messages so it is easier to identify when you wrote it. Just push the signature button Button sig.png (This appears on your edit screen) and this code "--~~~~" will be added, which will be substituted with your name and date. So "--~~~~" changes to a sig, like this: --Archangel Talk * Welcome * Support 22:47, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

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