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Lestat Embraces Louis.

Vampires are the Player Characters (PCs) of RavenBlack City: once-human undead beings most characterised by their thirst for blood.



Vampires are born through the act of Embrace (or siring) in which a vampire drains a human of their blood, then reviving the corpse with some of their own blood. Thus the new-born vampire becomes the sire's childe.

Some vampires, called Master Vampires, are born without a sire. There is no canonised information on the in-character (IC) birth of Master Vampires (excluding those who have been severed from their sire and those whose sire has succumbed to the shadows).

Technically, a vampire is born when a player creates a new character, with or without a biter link tying him or her to another player's vampire.


In RavenBlack City the unlife of a vampire may consist of feeding on humans, gathering coins to be used in learning powers and obtaining items, clan activity and/or social relationships (i.e. roleplaying).


It is a question of roleplaying if and when a vampire dies. Some players may regard becoming zeroed (by a Wooden Stake, for example) to equal death, although the in-game effects of it merely is to be weakened and partially set back. The primary blow of being reduced to zero BP is towards the player's own prestige, making it a matter of the player's gaming philosophy.

Technically, a vampire can only "die" in three ways, and it depends on whether the player has donated:

  1. being Deleted For Inactivity (non-donors only)
  2. choosing to be Dead and Buried (donors only)
  3. being Deleted For Cheating

Deleted For Inactivity, also referred to as "succumbing to the shadows", means total deletion. The vampire name will become free to register by again.

Dead and Buried and Deleted For Cheating both mean deactivation rather than total deletion. The name is locked, and the vampire can theoretically be re-activated.

Vampires that don't fall into any of these categories will simply remain in the Lost In Shadow state indefinitely if they stop playing.

Appearance, traits et cetera

Beyond the game basics there are no canonised facts about the vampires (or any other elements) of RavenBlack City, leaving basically everything to the imagination of the players who may or may not agree on their views. For example: one player may perceive that all vampires have the ability to fly; another player may restrict the ability to their own vampire; some may disagree completely on the ability. This is arguably one of the most fascinating aspects of the game, giving it as many differing incarnations as vampires have in folklore around the world.


There are several synonyms for vampires, for example:


  • Shadowfolk (uncountable)
  • Kindred (when referring to their own kind)


  • Vamp
  • Pire or Pyre


  • Founder (a vampire who was a resident of the city prior to the existance of streets)
  • Ancient (A vampire who was a resident prior to Jan 1, 2004)
  • Elder (A vampire who was a resident prior to Jan 1, 2007)


  • Youngling (A vampire approximately 1 year old with most or all powers)
  • Fledgling (a newly turned vampire with few or no powers)

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