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A vampire hunter (or hunter for short) is a hostile Non-Player Character that can be encountered on the streets of RavenBlack City. They pose as ordinary Humans until a vampire enters the square they are in. Hunters attack vampires using a crossbow in a hit-and-run fashion. They are unusually rewarding for the vampire who gets to bite them, albeit being feisty food.


In-game prevalence

Vampire hunters seem to appear randomly. Compared to ordinary Humans, hunters are rare. A rough estimate is 1 vampire hunter in ~100 Humans, but those numbers merely gives you the order of magnitude.


The usual hit-and-run behaviour.
A Human ready for consumption.

A vampire hunter normally looks exactly like a Human when seen from a nearby square. Only the power of Perception lets you distinguish them in advance.

When a vampire hunter happens to stay in the same square as you, it will always be seen as Human in green on black background.


Unlike Humans, vampire hunters are briefly mentioned as either male or female. The text describing the attacks will refer to either a "He" or "She".

Attack behaviour

When entering the vampire hunter's square, he or she will shoot you with a crossbow, damaging you for 10—50 BP (a random multiple of 10).


After most attacks, the vampire hunter will immediately move one step in a random direction.

The in-game description reads:

There's a vampire hunter! (He/She) shoots you with a crossbow bolt for (10—50) damage, and runs to the (direction).

The vampire hunter will then be in the adjacent square in that direction, once again looking like a Human (see screenshot).


Sometimes the vampire hunter doesn't move after the attack. When this is to happen seems to be determined randomly. You get the following message instead. Note how the run information is absent:

There's a vampire hunter! (He/She) shoots you with a crossbow bolt for (10—50) damage.

The vampire hunter will then remain in your square, fully visible as a green Human (drink). This allows you to bite and kill the vampire hunter (see screenshot).

Killing a vampire hunter

When a vampire bites and kills a vampire hunter, the reward is far greater than when biting an ordinary Human. The observed margins for the yield of killing a hunter are:

Vampire hunters as prey

For the sake of the thrill (not to mention the rewards), many vampires chase vampire hunters until they finally stop moving and can be killed. Due to the randomness of how many times he or she attacks and then runs away, the chase can be costly in BP. Even if the chase leads to a kill, it may result in a net loss of blood. A worst case scenario is to run out of AP during the chase, having lost several hundred pints of blood for nothing.

Killing a vampire hunter is the objective of the Perception Quest.

Wiki Vampboxes

This vampire instinctively chases every vampire hunter.
This vampire resists the urge to chase vampire hunters.

The vampboxes {{Hunters}} or {{No Hunters}} (shown to the right) can be used on your character page to show your vampire's attitude towards hunters.


Vampire hunters first appeared 13 November 2004.

An update on October 20th 2007 changed vampire hunters to have both He and She's as well with an increase to the blood given to their current margins listed above.

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