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How you can support me

You can support me and therefore the community, which is my primary intention by doing one ore more of the following ideas

Spreading the word in the city

  • eg. Cliff Burton sent me to tell the bartender to fill in information about this pub to the RavenBlack CityWiki.

posting new locations

writing new articles on this wiki

helping on the wiki

  • there is the todo list

spawning new children


  • via PayPal

Drop Box

  • if you create a Drop Box Account following this link: http://db.tt/sHoEr78 it will give me more storage space on Drop Box. You can always erase your account if you don't use it. It doesn't cost anything. Just 5 minutes of your time. You won't get spam.

Paypal Donation

You don't need to support the site with a nickel, but you are allowed!

Even a drop will be appreciated.

Note: the PayPal donation site is now in English. 

Cliff Burton Marco 02:21, 22 October 2009 (UTC)


aviewinthedark.net and ravenblackcity.com are running on a big server, not some free webspace. They are about €10,- (about USD15,-) every month, for years now. You support not only this wiki, you also support keeping A View In The Dark and the RavenBlack City Forum online. Also I am motivated to spend more of my time doing other things for the community as well. This isn't paying me. This is taking a bit of the cost of my shoulders.

Get your own e-mail_address@ravenblackcity.com

To give something with a value back for a donation, now those who chose to donate at least U$15,- are offered an emailaddress (forwarder) @ravenblackcity.com (eg. cliffburton@ravenblackcity.com) of their choice. Of course only if still available.

Get your own http://subdomain.ravenblackcity.com

Those who donate at least U$30,- are offered a subdomain forwarding. I'm offering also webspace for an annual fee, but this is subject to discussion as I think webspace in germany is fairly expensive in comparision to the states.

List of subdomains

Add {{DonatedSmall}}

Cash.gifAVITD Sponsor!
This user decided to stop being a cheapskate and donated to AVITD

or {{Donated}} to your Userpage to show that you have donated.

Cash.gifProud Sponsor of AVITD
This user or group decided to stop being a cheapskate and donated to AVITD. So what's your excuse?


May 25, 2015 User:Pythias

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