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General Discussion
The General Discussion page is a page for discussion not suited to other areas of the Wiki.

For some discussions, other areas are used:

  • For developing a suggestion, or suggesting something for inclusion in the game, use Developing Suggestions and the Suggestions system
  • If you wish to have an page moved, use the move requests page
  • If you wish to have your own page removed, use speedy deletions. If you wish to have any other page deleted, use deletions
  • For discussion pertaining to a particular user, post it on the user's talk page

When starting a new discussion on this page, please add it at the bottom with a relevant title. Please sign all comments using four tildes (~~~~), or the sign button. This page is for shorter discussions - please don't add irrelevant discussions (see the column to your left) or spam to this page. Older discussions with no replies in the past month will (should) periodically be moved into archives.

See also: Open Discussion


Shouldn't every Scroll and Power put into the Glossary? --Cliff Burton Marco 02:14, 27 August 2010 (UTC)

Multiple Account Creation

There should be a policy that makes it clear that someone can't just go ahead and create another useraccount. We are such a small group, so it should be manageable to help a user which has trouble logging in. But it seems some create a new account for special reasons, such as sock-puppeteering, fresh starting or misspelling of there names. Another common reason is, that the new users are unable to authenticate themselves per E-Mail. Maybe someone can come up with some nice words and put them in a policy. --Cliff Burton Marco 18:32, 27 August 2010 (UTC)

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