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Here are some links to tips on how to overcome the more or less common wiki challenges.


Creating a vampire character page

See Example Character Page.

Creating a new page

See Example Character Page#Step 2 - Start a page (the procedure goes for all wiki pages, not just character pages).

Uploading an image

See Help:FileUpload.

Making screenshots

See Help:Screenshots.

Including references to the source of information

See Help:Citing.

Signing your comments

See Using your signature.

Customizing your signature

See the expert tutorial on custom signatures.

Keeping float images (left or right) from cluttering

Place {{ClearFloat}} between the interfering images, and they will appear below one another.

Formatting page content

See [[Category:Utility Templates]] for neat ways of manipulating the look of things.

Resolving a dispute

See Resolving Disputes.

Showing your IM status on your userpage


To embed an Yahoo button inside a MediaWiki article (or more likely a userpage):

To get help about the yahoo button:
<yahoo help/>

eg (output):

Syntax: <yahoo style="[style]" action="[action]">[your Yahoo name]</xfire>
  • style: the button style, from 0 (smallest) to 2 (biggest), 3 and 4 are for voicemail. Default: 2.
  • action: action when the button is clicked. Default: sendim. Possible values: "addfriend","call","sendim".
For more details about all the styles and actions, see Yahoo! Presence.
Example: <yahoo style="2" action="sendim">PatheticCockroach</yahoo>

The same syntax is used for all the other supported IM programs:
<aim help/>AIM-Username</aim> (AIM)
<icq help/> (ICQ)
<gtalk help/> (Google Talk)
<livemessenger help/> (MSN/Live Messenger)
<skype help/> (Skype)
<xfire help/> (Xfire)

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