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See also Help:Howto

Authentication e-mail

Every now and then the a new user has trouble authenticating within the wiki. Some things that explain why it is very likely that the wiki isn't the troublemaker but you e-mail account or e-mail client is.

  1. Other users don't face the problem, account's keep getting created.
  2. I would get a bounce e-mail if the e-mail could not be sent (another possible source for trouble) because of a typo in your given address (check that in your wiki preferences; TOP, see screamshot) or your e-mail account being full.

So check this things first, before bothering poor cliff.

  1. Check your preferences for a typo in your given e-mail address
  2. Check the spam folder in your e-mail account and/or your e-mail client (eg. Outlook, Thunderbird). Maybe add the following to your whitelist.
The Subject says
RavenBlack CityWiki e-mail address confirmation
, the sender is


Either type in the address or click on your preferences link on top of the page AFTER you have logged in! Just repeating once more, YOU NEED TO BE LOGGED IN TO SEE THIS! Fangs for reading this :)


If you have already authenticated your e-mail address you won't see this message.

Don't get confused with trying to resending yourself a new password, which you can do from the login page. This is not the same! You can login though you aren't authenticated.

Cut and Paste Wreckage

I cut and pasted some information over to ExamplePage and the color tags in the code are making it all wonky. (Screwed up) I don't know how to fix it other than going through by hand and changing all of the color tags. Do you know of an elegant solution to this problem? Or can we just leave the page green?

You could take the text and copy it to your text editing tool of choice and make a search/replace and re-copy/paste it over here. What to do with the text? If you choose font tags (I do not recommend it, you could try {{c}}), you have to close it the right (thus, corresponding) way: <font color="pale"> opens it, </font> closes it, instead of what you used: </color>.

Signature button

UserXYZ seems to be having trouble with the sig button not creating the signature. UserXYZ knows what button to click, and it's pretty straightforward, yet UserXYZ gets no sig-code (the --~~~~) and has to type it in.

Seems UserXYZ has no Javascript enabled in the browser. Also trying out another browser (Opera, Firefox, Chrome) might help to narrow down the problem.

Weird Font Size

Cliff, Can you go see why on this page Example, the font is very very small?

No. Sorry. And please don't ask me that on my talk page. What you can do is to ask someone from the Example Signatures or The Signature Smiths Project.

Admin Power Abuse??

AdminXY has admin protected all his Alehouse pages just to keep ones from editing them and I feel that he is abusing his Admin status.

Please read Administration/Misconduct.

Conflicting Edits

If two people are editing one page, I think the wiki needs to say something like "you cannot edit this page - someone else is currently editing it" rather than having someone find out after the fact (after clicking submit, with the "conflicting edit" page). Would that be possible?

For this (for now) you put the {{workinprogress}} on top, save (not preview!) the article to mark it for others and continue to edit. Just don't do start more than you can handle. Idealy one would be best. The {{workinprogress}} itself will be replaced by {{inuse}} in the future, to show that the revamping (I like that word) will take not long. The {{workinprogress}} should then be used for longer stints, like when you can't fix it today.

Deletion of Pages

Is there anyway we can start a category for pages that need deletion?

Please read Administration/Speedy Deletion and Administration/Deletion.

Cooler Signature

How does one create a signature like the one you have right now?

How to do a sig is here: Templated Signature.

Foreign Character Pages

Can I edit another's character pages?

Short answer: You can edit foreign character pages.

Long answer: If an owner or someone else disputes anything, the disputed information goes to talk page for discussion. Also massive modifications, changing "the mood/meaning" of an article without prior discussion is vandalizing. Be bold! (but also read it!).

Wiki or View Banner

Can I use the RC Banner on my pages?

Ja, Oui, Yes, Si, Acclamare, Hai, HIja', Aiwa, Shi

Spam Filter

I have problems with the Spam Filter.

This is to prevent heavy advertising. Replace the link with a note and ask a wiki adminstrator to add it to the whitelist.

Capitalizing of Page names

The wiki software keeps capitalising the first letter, is there any way to force it?

You can add the template {{lowercase title}} on top of your article.


The wiki software is changing the underscore to a space, is there any way to force it?

Right now the only way to do that is to add something like the following example on top of your page: {{DISPLAYTITLE:tejas_dragon's Lair}}. Replace tejas_dragon's Lair in that example with how you want it to get displayed.

Signature with date?

Is there an easy way to add your name and date after a message?

aka. Using your signature

Just push the signature button Button sig.png and this code --~~~~will be added, which will be substituted with your name and date. --~~~~ changes to --Cliffburton 22:14, 18 November 2009 (UTC)

Resolving Disputes

Help! I'm in a dispute with another editor, what do I do?

Yes, sure: Resolving Disputes


To what extent is HTML compatible here?

HTML/CSS works fine. But be aware that unproperly used HTML can break things. Many things can be solved by using the wiki codes, which is very well documented on (see the help-page on the left).

Saved text looks different

When I save an article text doesn't show up like in the textbox.

That's the nature of the wiki software. But if you want an workaround without learning the wiki syntax (which isn't that hard to learn and understand), you can use the tag <poem></poem> around.



</poem> shows up like this:


Character Category

My character name doesn't show up in the right position on the character list

This is in the nature of the wiki, you could change the sorting by doing the following, but be aware that this needs to be done with every category your name (or other article) is categorized into.

Instead of using [[Category:Characters]] you could add a sortkey like [[Category:Characters|†Cliffburton]].

This would sort †cliffburton like it was written uppercase, but still would show it lowercase in the Character list.

Note: I changed all given character names to sort it like that, and changed it back because the given reason explained above. cb

Userpage? Character Page?

Doesn't my vampire's information go onto my user page?

No. Your user page (The page linked to your login name) is for you, the human player to do with as you please. You can easily find it by clicking on your login name in the upper-right corner of your screen. You may view an example of a user page here. Vampire names on this wiki, and thus the names of their pages, begin with a dagger symbol "†" to distinguish them from usernames. Because one player may control multiple vampire characters, each vampire gets their own page separate from your userpage. The easiest way to create a vampire page is to type the name of your vampire into the search engine (remember the "†") and click on the "create this page" link that it takes you to. See an example of a vampire page here.

Where can I find more help?

See the Help link on the left navigation box.

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