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Interview by Occamrazor

Conducted on June 4, 2011 [1] by †Occamrazor.

The Interview

When attempting to zero someone, what are the most important items to have?
Minuses. Lots of it.

When you hear the name Capadocious what comes to mind? (keep it 1-3 words)
A small greek Cappucino. (added: Actually Cappadocia is a region in central Turkey).

If you were at a pub called The Basics, what do you think would be on the menu?
IF's, THEN's, GOTO's. (ed. that's a programming insider). But the menu should have sun block on it.

What are some better names for Flip-Flops?
Flop-Flips™, Toe-Spreaders™, Vanity-Pairs™, Ten-Shows™, Toe-Shows™, Feet-Fungi™ (all pat. pend.).

If you were trying to fit in with a group of humans, what WOULDN'T you do?
Trying to fit in.
Forgetting to use sun block. They love sun.

Name a song about vampires:
This vampire song (Assuming you know Sting).
Seriously, there is only one song about vampires, and that's Love song for a Vampire by †Annie Lennox who actually is a vampire, too. If you look closely you can see she always uses large amounts of sun block, that's why she is that pale.

What is a vampires worst enemy other than sunlight?
Bad sun block.

When something appears awry with the city, what is the first thing you do?
Looking in my dictonary what awry means. Then, checking if A View in the Dark is still running.

If a dog is MAN's best friend, what's a vampire's best friend?
A pussy (or a Fotzibaer). Followed by good sun block creme.

As a rule, you should never leave the coffin without what?
You guessed it: Good sun block.

When you hear the word bloodline, what's the first family that comes to mind other than your own?
No clue regarding family. But what comes into my mind is, somehow bloodline sounds a bit like a good name for sniffing blood powder on a mirror ... A MIRROR! ROCL (C means ceiling, you guessed right).

How many months have you been in the city?
I remember at the beginning there was just the bite link. I was confused when I saw it and didn't understand what those squares meant. Looked like some sort of crossword riddle to me.

Other than vampires and humans, what other creatures have been known to appear in RBC from time to time?
Idio... Apologies... You want me to say, Vampire Hunters, I assume. But aren't they humans as well?

Name a famous mistake Raven Black has made in the city that has been beneficial to it's citizens:
The bite link! An other might be that thing he did, what lead to a lot of us gaining money for nothing. But also a lot of those couldn't cash them into their account because there are a lot of thieves lately in the city, you know? Someone should start an article on the RBCpedia :D

Of all the methods of attacking someone, what is the oldest?
Stealing a vampires sun block... No, wait!... Kicking the ... No, IGNIT... *Think!... The bite! ... Right? Pleasa tella me, I ama right!

About how many vampires are there currently in the city?
Whatta you thinka I'ma? A mySQL Frontend? (ed. that's a programming insider) *Must stop watching Sopranos*

What's the best method of travel in RBC?
Slow or Fast? Have a strong stomach? Then use the transit stations, you meet interesting people. Other than that: T-Port.

How many active newspapers exist in RBC?
I can not read. I only learned to write.

Who was the first vampire to ever have their name appear in a bar rumor?
Was he pale? I remember the barkeeper telling me I would look like him.

When you put out a contract on someone, what are the things your coins go towards?
I always wondered where that money comes from. But you can tell your friends I did not know, and it is all gone. Spent it on pussy and... sun block. I like the fur, and the purr... and keeping them safe from sun.

What rules would you have to follow in a clan that you don't when you're not clanned?
The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. Something like that I suppose. Never have and never will be in a clan (and no, there is no fight club and I am not in it.

How do you catch a spy?
Could tell you how to catch a spider, but you did not ask that.

What is the first power a new vampire should get?
A view in the dark! You need to know where the thieves guild is located.

What is the most common blood rank in the city?

If you HAD NO CHOICE but to vote for a King/Queen of RBC who would it be?
†mightyintimidatingvampirename (google it)

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