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deCarnac's Bloodmap is an interactive map of RavenBlack City. It focuses on overview, finding streets and locations by name, efficient point-to-point travelling and distance to banks. The map was developed by deCarnacT·C. It was released June 2013 replacing Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City.

The map has improved support for the import and display of current guild, shop and hunter locations from A View in the Dark.


Web address

The map is available at:

Use and layout

The map essentially is a Javascript-driven HTML file with SVG graphics, and is opened in a browser.

It has a point and click interface, with three map views and a tool bar:

  • an overwiew of the entire city (200 x 200)
  • a view of a "district" (50 x 50)
  • a zoomed-in view (7 x 7)

The map should display all fixed buildings in the citybanks, pubs, stations, lairs etc. It also displays the moving guilds, shops and hunters, if that information has been imported recently (see below).


The map has two waypoints, which you can set (red buttons) and later zoom to (green buttons):

  1. your present location (circled dot)
  2. your intended destination (circled cross)

The following action point information is presented (purple buttons):

  • Number of AP needed to walk the entire distance
  • Number of AP needed to travel the distance if using transit, and which stations to use
  • Number of AP needed to walk to the nearest bank

You can click one of the above three buttons, and get a visual travel guide on the optimal paths possible.

The map has two locations panels (blue buttons). One lists imported locations. The other lets you do a name search for any building and zoom to matching locations.

The map keeps track of time and the scheduled movement of guilds and shops. It displays two tiny clocks, indicating how long each of them is predicted to stay according to the latest AVitD import.

New features

New since Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City are:

  • locations imported from AVitD are cookie-stored between sessions (until obselete)
  • vampire hunter locations are shown (for as long as on AVitD)
  • guild and shop movement times are synchronized with AVitD at import
  • revamped menu and search panels
  • some changes in graphics style, such as:
    • the zoomed-in view resembling a magnifying glass
    • the city limits depict the edges of a flat world suspended in space (à la Dark City)

Guild/shop display

The addresses of the moving things can be copied from A View in the Dark and imported into the map. This requires the user to mark and copy the text from the AVitD page, and paste it into a text box. The buildings will immediately appear on the map. Locations are stored in a cookie for as long as they are valid (up to a few days).

Source data update

All building information in the map comes out of an included text file database. If you download the map you can edit it freely, using any text editor. The source data of the text file can then be used to generate text for a new vampireData.js file (the map does the conversion). The .js file provides all persistent building data in the map.


  • The map was officially released in June 2013 when a link to it replaced Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City.

Previous versions

  • Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City (released April 2012)
  • deCarnac's Map for Vampires! (from 2006)
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