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††Fuzzybug is a Player Supporting Character.

A Player Supporting Character (PSC) is primarily a player-created and player-controlled in-game vampire that exists for other purposes than being the player's main character. The term can also refer to a player-created supporting character that isn't represented in-game, but rather is a part of the main character's background lore. The PSC is generally an object in roleplaying, rather than a subject.

In this wiki, all Player Supporting Characters' names and pages get a double dagger prefix, for example ††Watson (this practice was introduced 22 January 2011).



Some players enjoy playing more than one vampire. These may each be independent Player Characters of the own, but sometimes an additional character is less independent and primarily exists to enhance the main character in one way or the other. Using multiple vampires as a team in-game is called cloning and is prohibited, but extra vampires for purely roleplaying purposes are ok. It may for example be referred to as a sidekick, partner, pet, assistant, slave or servant to the main character.

Difference from Non-Player Characters

Not all PSC:s are closely tied to a single main character. The NightWatch Transit Guards are PSC:s that are played more or less as stand-ins for a type of Non-Player Characters that does not exist in-game, illustrating how PSC:s can fill a void between PC:s and NPC:s. Player Supporting Characters should however not be confused with actual NPC:s. Non-Player Characters are by definition created and controlled by the game system, PSC:s are not.

About the term

In drama these are called "supporting characters". The term "Player Supporting Character" is derived from "Player Character", and it is used here to be clear about who controls them.

Some Player Supporting Characters

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