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Ghost is a power that allows it's user to permanently block anyone in the city. Once a vampire or vampires are blocked, they can no longer Second Sight or see the vampire(s) in the city nor the reverse. The effects can never be undone so this power should be used with extreme caution and not just on a whim. Some refer to/RP it as cloak of invisibility, though it isn't described as such by the game creator Raven Black.


How to get it?

This power can only to be purchased with 100 credits. ($100.00 United States Dollars donated via PayPal towards Raven Black). You must Email him to request the power.

Ghost Power
Once you receive the power of "Ghost" it will show up in your power list on your vampire page but will not show up when others second sight you.

Once this power is obtained it can be used on as many vampires as desired.


Any stigma associated with 'Ghosting' is a personal belief only, and will vary from player to player. Some may be of the belief that the 'Ghosting' vampire is 'hiding' or 'running away from the consequences of their actions', while other players will consider this a solution to rid themselves of stalkers, or other players who have made it a personal mission to harass and torment the 'Ghostee'. Vampires with the ghosting power are still able to participate in wars and other city activities with no ill effects due to their ability to 'Ghost' others.


The power was added on November 1st 2010.

†Shaarinya was the first to obtain and use the Ghost power against †tejas_dragon.

The power was made "symmetrical" 3rd January 2014, and you can buy it onto another vampire. [1]

The bug

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Special Note

If a player of an vampire character with the ghosting power chooses to add someone elses vampire character to it's "ghost list", and is caught using thralls to attack (with city weapons) a vampire on their "ghost list", this action will be considered "an act of teamwork" and will result in being jailed (Deleted for cheating) by Raven Black. This, however, works both ways. If the vampire ghosted was in fact ghosted due to excessive stalking or harassment (IC or OOC), and is found to have continued said stalking via thralls, they too will be faced with the same consequences of "working as a team", and will be jailed for their actions. The vampire ghosted is not required to have approved or even have been notified of being ghosted.


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