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Policy Document
This page is a Policy Document, a page that provides information regarding official policy for the RavenBlack Citypedia. These policies may change over time, but this page should not be changed unless the changes are fully recognised by the wiki community.

For the most part, the RavenBlack Citypedia makes the assumption that pages are free for anyone to edit, so long as the edits are made in a good-faith attempt to improve the quality of the wiki. Due to political concerns, and other rulings, however, certain classes of pages, and certain Namespaces, have additional restrictions specific to themselves. This page is an attempt to place all current Specific Cases into a single place.


User: and User talk: pages

It has been explicitly noted that User: and User talk: pages are the sole property of that particular user (so, User:Cliffburton and User talk:Cliffburton are both sole property of Cliffburton). As such, Users are free to do whatever they wish to their user pages, including complete wiping of any comments, removal of material they do not like, etc, though it is considered poor form to do this, and it is recommended that users create archive subpages in which to store dead conversation. Further, Users may request the deletion of their User and User talk pages, or any subpages therein.

An exception to this broad authority is the impersonation of others. Impersonation of others can still be reported as a vandalism attempt, even if you are the one that did it on your User page.


The same as for User: and User talk: Pages applies here. As the name implies, these are IC pages. If the owner wants to add OOC information (s)he is free to do so.


User Page
  1. Not of common interest.
  2. No one else but the user should touch this.
  3. User can fill information, but doesn't need to.
  4. User can wipe page clean.
Character Page
  1. Of common interest.
  2. Should be filled with useful information.
  3. Can be created by everyone. The owner should be informed though.
  4. Can be edited by everyone to fix typos, formatting adding of links.
  5. Can be edited by everyone as long as the owner allows it. If you do not know the owner of the page, use the articles discussion page to ask and clear things out before making changes. Otherwise it is considered as vandalism.
  6. The wishes of the player should be respected.
If a user wants his user or character page to be protected, it will be granted and done by wiki adminstrators, if good reasons are given (eg. ongoing vandalism). This means, protected pages can only be edited by administrators.. If an wiki admin changes the article without being told so, this could lead to immediate demotion of that admin without warning.

Group and Group Talk: pages

Group Pages

Clans, Families

Due to constant interference between groups on the wiki, editing privileges are heavily codified. Groups, for the most part, have sole property of their Group page on the wiki, and may place whatever they wish on that page, under the proviso that they do not break any current established content restrictions (for example, Groups may not post pornography on Group pages, and may not impersonate other users). This includes the inclusion of users on "Ally lists" or "Enemy lists" - Groups are quite allowed to place users on lists, and while it is expected that the reasons for inclusion be accurate, this is not a requirement. We recommend that all users treat lists with a good serving of salt, as information is rarely completely accurate on this lists.

An exception to this broad authority is the information that precedes the first heading of the page. While the rest of the page is allowed to be as biased and full of propaganda as the owning group wishes, the top section (known as the introduction or informational section), must be written from a Neutral Point of View, (ie a view that does not forward any particular agenda). Any information included in this section must be able to be confirmed. Many long, protracted battles have been fought over claims about "zeroing" and "" about certain groups, so while there is no real rule against this, we recommend that some claims not be included in such groups, not even in opinional form (ie "Some people claim that <ClanA> uses clones") or attributional form (ie "The group <Group 1> have made claims that that <Group 2> uses clones and has been DFC 3 times"). Page owning groups are, of course, welcome to broadcast this information if they desire.

Group Talk: Pages

Group talk pages, like their main page, are under the ownership of their group. Group leaders are allowed to remove dead conversation, or any other action, under the provison that they do not break any current established content restrictions, as above. However, it is considered extremely bad form to wipe conversations without leaving a record, especially on Group talk pages, and we recommend that groups instead create Archive sub-pages in which to store dead conversations and the like.

Talk Pages generally

Talk pages generally are considered without ownership, as such noone can claim to have "control" over talk pages generally. Wiping comments on Talk pages is considered extremely poor form, and Archiving is the preferred action for dead conversations, and general content restriction apply as always. However, users are more than welcome to reorganise conversation, or perform other maintenance tasks if they feel that the page requires it.


The Suggestions page and its associated pages have their own enforced set of rules for edits; these are displayed at the top of the Suggestions page proper.

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