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The RavenBlack City Forum was a forum formerly run on phpBB2 by Zach Craft, the human behind †Stephan.

It was the predecessor to the RavenBlack CityWiki/RCpedia, reachable on this very URL: www.ravenblackcity.com, inherited by Marco Spadafora the human behind †cliffburton on August, 06th 2007.

Due to software security issues and the lack of need for another forum, so Marco thought, he decided to close it and replaced it by the RavenBlackCitypedia (a.k.a. RavenBlackCitywiki) on June, 15th 2008.[1]

The data of and the forum itself are not gone, and might contain valueable information, like RPed stories. If there is any need to get access, you should ask Marco/Cliff.

prior 2007

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If anyone knows one of the former moderators that is willing to share information... this would be the place where it should be put.

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  1. Another_Informationsource?
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