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A shadowy figure is a friendly Non-Player Character. The known shadowy figures serve the different guilds in RavenBlack City. Shadowy figures are encountered when they perform their duties of monitoring vampires who are on certain quests. They act as their guilds' sent representatives on the streets of the City.


Behaviour and interaction

Shadowy figures can rarely be interacted with. Instead they burst out from the darkness via message text when you follow (or try to follow) certain quest tasks. They say or do something, then disappear. They have the ability to smile, but hiss whenever they speak.


One or more shadowy figures can be seen on the following occasions.

Stamina quest

When finishing a Stamina Quest, several shadowy figures appear and ritually brand the vampire:

"(vamp name) says (password). Shadowy figures burst from the darkness all around. Before (vamp name) can respond, the vampire is immobilised, held pinned to the ground. Another silhouette steps forth, holding out on the end of a stick a piece of platemail strangely visible in the dark. Then you realise - it's glowing with red heat. The platemail is pressed against the chest of (vamp name). With gritted teeth, (vamp name) bears the pain without a sound, other than the sizzle of flesh and bursting blood-vessels. After what seems an eon but is probably more like twenty seconds, the figures depart as slickly as they arrived, taking their armour with them. (vamp name) looks weakened, and yet, strangely, strengthened."

If you attempt to say the password without enough blood one appears:

A shadowy figure burts from the shadows and hisses, "You need more blood."

Charisma quest

In a Charisma Quest, those who come to say you sent them talks to the barman, but it is a shadowy figure in a corner of the pub who makes notes:

(vamp name) says "(questing vamp name) sent me"
The barman says "Excellent."
A shadowy figure in the corner smiles, and makes a note.

After the quest is complete, the figure leaves.

Locate quest

In a Locate Quest a shadowy figure will appear if you don't have enough blood when you try to mark a check-point:

A shadowy figure burts from the shadows and hisses, "You need more blood."

Other possible appearances

It may or may not be a shadowy figure who brush by at the finish of a Celerity Quest:

You drink the (drink). You feel something brush past your pocket. When you look round, nobody is there, but the items you've collected are gone! You are momentarily angry, but then you realise that you've got what you wanted out of the deal - you feel faster.

"A mysterious hooded figure" was a new kind of NPC that appeared on the city streets on 1 April 2009. As a prank, players had the option to "call to him" from a square away only to get a system answer.

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