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The Templars of Time are a clan dedicated to the study of time and tempomancy. As an organization the Templars of Time are pacifist, and they consider the gathering and sharing of knowledge to be a higher purpose. The Templars of Time have an open recruitment policy, and value personal dedication to knowledge higher than martial prowess, wealth, power or bloodline.


Clan information

  • Alignment: Entirely neutral
  • Surfaced in the city: late April 2012
  • Headquarters: Temple of Time (has yet to appear in the city)
  • Status: Not dead, but dreaming

Actual activities (OOC)

The clan revolves around the idea of gathering in-game information. The fleeting information sought is the movement times of guilds and shops. Members take on the task to seek up and observe a guild or shop as it is about to move. When the move occurs the time is noted. The following is preferably shared with the clan, to be stored in the records:

  • building observed
  • local date and time it moved
  • your computer's set location (for timezone purposes)

This will build a database of historical in-game movement times. This database is knowledge to be shared with others. A source of pride that no holy water can bring.

Being based on an idea rather than anything else, this clan theoretically lives as long as at least one player is interested in investigating guild/shop movement and sharing the results.

Member template

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The Templars of Time are divinators and tempomancers who study and worship the ebb and flow of time itself. In the city, they seek out locations where changes are in the making, and carefully observe and make note of its temporal place.

Organization structure

The Templars of Time are meritocratic and have a rather flat organization. Its worldly leaders are the ruling council known as the Hands of Time. The council members are often those most experienced and skillful in the arts of tempomancy. In theory, any member can rise up to these positions through their own achievements. Members are divided among the typical tasks within the Temple.


The Templars of Time are a pacifist organization. It's members are however not bound to pacifism, and may of may not be neutral. They are allowed to use any kind of violence, but must then do so individually without support from the Temple. The Templar saying on the matter is:

In time everyone will get what is coming to them.

By this they mean that aggressive opponents eventually will encounter another aggressive opponent, and to strive to be any of those two is fruitless. No-one can attack another in the name of the Templars of Time, not even in self-defense. They never sanction retaliation on behalf of their members, because:

What are streams of blood compared to the raging torrents of time?

That said, the Templars of Time will use any violence neccessary to protect the Temple of Time and its archives against damage or loss. This is the whole purpose of the Timewatch. Time and the knowledge thereof is held as sacred. They are however not protecting the secrecy if the archives, and any interested scholars from outside the Templars are allowed to share the findings. Access is restricted only when it comes to records regarding future events.


Chronometry is at the core of the templars' symbolism. Clocks, hourglasses and sundials dominate the Temple of Time's decor. The sundial in particlar acts as a reminder that not even immortal vampires will exist forever, and that death awaits every individual.



The Templars of Time are based on an ideal, not blood. Most are welcomed among them, even though some outsiders are puzzled or even intimidated by their order, and avoid it on those grounds.

The Templars of Time are not exclusive to vampires, but count many of them among their ranks. Perhaps this is because the Templars of Time offer purpose to those horrified by the dreadful aspects of what can seem as endless immortality.

A templar is recognized by the chronometer he or she carries. Depending on what era the templar currently studies it can be anything from an hourglass to a quantum-light wristwatch, but the common contempory item is a Silver Pocket Watch.

Within the temple there are many duties to perform:


The tempomancers are the most experienced and enlightened masters of time. Their deep knowledge of its true nature allows them to manipulate it through the creation and control of portals within the timeweave. The tempomancers are the architects behind the intricate machinery that controls the Temple of Time. Almost all the Hands of Time are drawn from their ranks.


The clockworkers are the clerks and mechanics running the Temple of Time. They administrate its vast historical archives, and serve the machinery ensuring its flawless progression.


The Timewatch are the guards of the Temple of Time. It is a relatively small force, and their duty is to protect the machinery and archives.

Templars of Tomorrow

The Templars of Tomorrow are the novices of the Temple. The perform various tasks among the tempomancers, clockworkers and the Timewatch to determine where their talents can best be put to use.

Once and Future Agents

The Once and Future Agents are the field workers of the Templars of Time. They discreetly appear at various hotspots in history, attending important events in order to study them. These agents gather much of the information that is stored in the Temple's archives. Once and Future Agents try to keep a low profile, since they may be re-deployed in time without linearity. An individual agent may appear at a current event before appearing years earlier in order to study the backgrounds of the event. If the same outsider happens to meet the agent at both occasions, confusion follows.

Sometimes the Once and Future Agent's mission is a one-way trip. He or she may then have to operate completely cut off from the Temple. Orders are to be found in old documents, deposited by other agents operating in an earlier century. Any findings are to encapsulated and buried safely, for another agent to recover in a later era.

Known members

Most members serve within the temple and are rarely seen. The Once and Future Agents one are most likely to encounter do on the other hand operate with discretion. For these reasons, few members are known by name.

  • ††deBracy, Once and Future Agent (lost in action 2006)
  • ††Lady Ananke, Hand of Time emerita
  • ††Verdandi, prominent Clockworker
  • ††Valérian, legendary Once and Future Agent
  • †deCarnac, Once and Future Agent stationed in RavenBlack City

Temple of Time

The rumoured Temple of Time is a transtemporal building where the templars gather, study and worship. Its location is shrouded in mystery. The question is not so much where to find it, but rather when. It drifts between the ages, driven by its clockwork and navigated through fate and divination.

At the heart of the temple stands the Timekeep. Inside its Halls of Ages, the mute sentries of the Timewatch stand guard. At the centre hangs the Great Pendulum, intricately connected in the great clockwork that propels the Temple through time. Behind the Hall lies the Chamber of Moments, an inner sanctum anchored within a time flow vortex. Within it time stands still. Pointless talk is forbidden, as great voices of the past continously echo between the Timekeep's walls for all eternity. Hands of the past, present and future share their thoughts and knowledge of the nature of time.


The origins of the Templars of Time are unknown, but the first known records of their existence (by their current name that is) dates back to the middle ages. The Templars are drawn from the ranks of clerics, scholars and warriors alike, and several of them were prominent former knights. The latter may have affected how they were viewed by others.


The Templars of Time sometimes address one another as "Knights Temporal". This is a colloquial title that dates back to when Lady Ananke held the position as Great Hand. At a famous gathering that many say will live on in memory forever, Lady Ananke called out to the assembled templars using that title. Her actual words where more along the lines of "Knightsch Temp-hralh" (it was an unusually festive occasion), but it caught on anyway.

A contributing fact was that Lady Ananke was and is held as one of the most respected Great Hands of all ages. It is said that the order once brought before her a diciplinary matter. A young Templar of Tomorrow had gotten into trouble at a pub, and it was to be decided if a serious reprimand was called for. They say Lady Ananke simply uttered the legendary words:

"A Knight at a pub... is time well spent!"

The common interpretation of this is that Templars of Time got all the time in the world to celebrate.

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